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Social Security

As a local Board Certified attorney who has been named as an Outstanding Your Lawyer in Jefferson County, Texas, Trent has continued to strive to help his clients find the best outcome for his client’s needs. With two decades of legal experience, he will personally handle your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

People involved in the Social Security disability process often have many questions as they sometimes get caught up in the red tape of the application process. Below are some of the more common questions:

I do not want to make a mistake with the paperwork, can you help? - Yes, as part of our service to you, it will be our pleasure to provide guidance regarding the paperwork that the Administration will send to you. We will also track and handle all of the deadlines that might affect your case.

How much money can I get when my application is granted? – The amount of your monthly benefit will depend upon how much money you have paid into the system while you were working. Your Social Security Statement that you receive contains information regarding the amount of your benefit should you become disabled.

Do I have to be denied before I hire an attorney? – No, once an application has been filed, I can assist you with your application. It is always my preference to get involved as early as possible.

How does Social Security decide if I am disabled? – There are two ways the Administration can find someone disabled. Under the first option, an application will be granted if you have a condition that is so severe that it is considered automatically disabling. If your condition is not quite severe enough to be considered automatically disabling, the Administration will then consider your mental and physical limitations, your age, your education, and your work history to determine if there is any job in the national economy that you are able to do.

How long does the process last? – It typically takes about two months for the Administration to consider your initial application. If your application is initially denied, you can ask the agency to reconsider the initial denial, this reconsideration typically takes about two months. If you are denied again, you can then request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. It typically takes about seven months before your hearing will be scheduled. Altogether, it usually takes about eleven months to have your application finally determined.

Can I work part time and still apply for disability benefits? – Yes, under the law, you can work part time and still apply for benefits. However, there are many issues to consider and you should consult with an attorney about this question.

Tips and Suggestions

Health Care - Acquiring appropriate health care is a key to winning a Social Security application. While it is difficult to get health care when you are not working, it is almost impossible to win your case if you are not documenting your health problems. You may want to check and see if your county of residence has an indigent health care program.